ufficio stile

The suppliers of yarn have carefully been selected by Teodori over the years through research and quality control. The knitwear process works parallel by studying new techniques, new ways of treating and using the material and experimenting the mixtures with natural fibres, fabric and leather. Teodori not only skillfully uses cashmere, cashmere-silk, wool, silk, cotton, merino wool, but also vicuna, guanaco, linen, angora, mohair, nylon and leather.


We are a ‘think tank’! We use internal and external forces to provide advice and ideas on projects and for stylists. We are an ideal partner for companies. They can use our expertise to create and find technical solutions. The Teodori staff offer a range of services, from tests on materials to style consultations, sample production to the final collection, thus providing a total productive cycle for private labels.


The excellent craftsmanship found in the March has allowed us to develop various knitting programmes, to provide a complete range of knitting gauges (from 1 to 30) and control systems.


All the finishing touches are carried out by hand which renders it a quality item. All our garments are washed so as to offer our customers a product which will not alter over time. Each piece is ironed by hand and checked before being packed. Special packaging is carefully researched and selected so as to be sure of protecting the items in the best possible way during transport. We also want to be sure that the characteristics remain perfect at point of sale.