All Teodori garments have a long tradition born in an agricultural area and it is thanks to these humble origins that the Teodori Knitwear Company is what it is today. Our secrets, techniques and creative skills together with a passion for our work and the quality of the materials used, make for a truly authentic product. We are a second generation family run business present in over twenty world markets. Even though we are continually developing the company we still keep true to our cultural origins. The Teodori Knitwear Company has always made good use of the opportunities markets have offered us so as to increase our business acumen and expand our distribution and production. We are always very keen to share our success with all those who work with us.


The Teodori Knitwear Company has become an industrial partner for many ‘total look’ companies by completing their range with a supply of knitwear. We provide these companies with expert knowledge of the product, guiding them to make strategic choices in style, materials and techniques. We help with the work process and finishing touches as well as the marketing and distribution of the product. We research the demands of the market and assist in selecting a wide range of quality materials.


Fundamental to the Teodori knitwear process is the research carried out which leads to the development and innovation of our artistic and creative skills. Our company has over sixty years experience based on traditional craftsmanship which has now been developed to incorporate modern and innovative techniques. The whole process is carefully controlled by a team of experts from Pesaro to Perugia via Macerata.